7 PDF Accessibility Fails you’d never know…

Download an accessible version of this PDF. Did you know you can walk your PDF accessibility tags tree, passing a checker and still not have a great user experience? This slide deck walks you through seven pitfalls you might not even be aware you are building into your documents. Flip through this slide deck to find out why these are occuring. Or better yet, take our Document Testing with a NVDA 3-hour training course where we will teach you what to look for, how to test and take your accessible documents to a “whole ‘nutha level.”

Cover image of PDF Document. 7 Accessibility Fails you’d never know were there unless you tested your document with NVDA. Cover image is a concrete and brick wall with a large section missing from it and a sledgehammer sitting off to the right. The Accessibility Icon shows through the broken wall with a sky behind it.
7 Accessibility Fails PDF Download
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